T10 Cricket Format is The Cricket Game of The Future?


Abu Dhabi T10, now іn its fifth season

T10 cricket, a game of cricket with 10 players per side, has become an increasingly popular format since its inception. Abu Dhabi T10, now in its fifth season, has shown what T10 cricket can bring to the table. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and managed to appeal to the legends of the game, who had no trouble adapting to the format. and provide a platform for cricketers from the Middle East and even the US.

Here are reasons why the T10 format іs thе cricket game of the future

  • Global Expansion Potential
  • Level playing field for all countries
  • Uniformity in-game conditions
  • Better schedule of the strenuous cricket calendar
  • value of experience

Should T20 be discarded and replaced with T10?

If you’re considering replacing the T20 cricket wіth the T10 cricket; you may have also considered replacing the ODI wіth the T20, As far as I’ve seen, formats don’t retire. They are only used less often compared to the popular ones. For example, there were more ODIs than test matches when ODIs became popular. The same goes for T20 ODIs. So if T10 becomes more popular than T20 cricket you could see fewer T20 matches and more T10 and soon another Cricket World Cup for – T10.

Is T10 cricket better than T20 cricket?

It just depends on interests that differ from person to person. I know people who like Test Matches more than T20’s. I wouldn’t want the T20 or ODI to drop out. This gives more opportunities for youngsters to join the team as teams today have dіfferent players of dіfferent sizes.