Top online casino game – Blackjack basic strategy

Blackjack Basic Strategy

The basic strategy is simple and effective. It says what to do in every possible scenario

Basic blackjack strategy allows making the best decisions at all times. This strategy isn’t biased and is based purely on math. When implementing it, players get the highest possible RTP, or in other words, minimize the house edge.

Below is one of the versions of the strategy chart blackjack

strategy chart blackjack

Can I/Should I Surrender

Being able to quit is a great option and is used in the basic strategy. Players should surrender when the dealer has a high card (9, 10 or A) while they have a total of 15 and 16. In case a dealer hits on Soft 17, players are recommended to surrender when they have 17. Look at the table provided earlier, R stands for surrender.

Can I/Should I Split

Instructions to split are usually presented in a separate table. There are many splitting rules and it’s easier to use the table instead of memorizing them. Again, the rules will vary slightly depending on whether the dealer Stands or Hits on Soft 17. You might be playing different blackjack versions so you should know that whenever you see Rh, it means Surrender and if not allowed, Hit. Rs and Rp stand for Surrender or Stand and Surrender or Split, respectively.

Can I/Should I Double

There are also different rules for doubling and more sophisticated basic strategy tables will have all these situations covered. In the table presented on this page, Dh and Ds stand for Double or Hit and Double or Stand. That means if doubling isn’t possible, then you hit/stand.

Should I Hit or Should I Stand

Hitting and Standing are straightforward. H stands for Hit and S stands for Stand. Use the table to know when a certain decision should be made. You generally want to hit when having a low-value hand against a high-value dealer’s card.

How to Use a Blackjack Strategy

For beginners, there’s nothing better than implementing the basic strategy. All decisions should be made according to it, even those that seem to contradict your intuition. Stick to the defined rules to minimize the theoretical house edge. The more you deviate from the rules, the less effective the strategy becomes.