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Real gold games are a very challenging product category in India. Recently, several figures are showing that the popularity of real gold games is on the rise: there are more than 160 related games on the Indian Google Playstore and App Store platforms, and the number of game users on the web has reached millions in addition to the mobile game users.

Regulatory policy is one of the key factors. In India, the federal state laws regarding real gold games are not identical and the stability of these policies is not high, as evidenced by the recent dialogue between the Indian Supreme Court and the Delhi government. Therefore, it is important to note that it is important to pay close attention to the laws and regulations of the Union of India and all federal states.

In August 2017, the Google Play Store made changes to its rules for listing apps, which led to the emergence of many new players in the app market. On the other hand, Apple still has a closed ecosystem, firmly controlling the application to meet its ecological rules.

However, these external factors aside, the biggest challenge for real money game developers is the same as any other business activity: how to get users to pay. Despite the fact that real money games are mainly played with betting, it has proved to be a challenge to get users to invest real money.

In any case, the real money game industry has undoubtedly taken shape, and the most popular types of real money games can be classified into four categories: Card Games, Casino Games, Quiz Games, and Sports Betting Games, among which, depending on the specific gameplay, Card Games can be subdivided into The card games can be divided into Teen Patti, Rummy and other card types, and the gaming games can be divided into poker and slot machines and other gaming types.

Most of the real money games are new products that appeared only recently, and many of them topped the App Store within a few months after their release, so it is obvious that the industry is still in the early stage of chaos. It is worth noting that some of the real gold games are not promoted on the App Store, but are available for download through the official website, but due to the geographical policy, some of the real gold games are still restricted to users of Indian network IP.

However, there are still some great headline games in each category, so let’s take a look at some of the best in the world of real gold games in India.

Octro《Teen Patti》

Play Rummy Game《RummyCircle》

Teen Patti Gold 《With Poker & Rummy》

Zynga Poker《Texas Holdem》

Dream11 《Dream11》

Teen Patti Game Online《3 Patti Comfun》

Bingo Blitz 《Live Bingo Game》

Pocket Ace 《Loco》

Big Time Cash 《Make Money Free》

POP!Slots-《Las Vegas Casino Slot Machine Games》

Rummy and slot games are just as popular as Teen Patti games.

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